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Coming of Age: Underage drinking isn’t worth the risk

November 3rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized


By Erick Rommel

Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean that people don’t do it.

If you drive a car, you’ve gone over the speed limit, and probably more than once. Like today?

If you listen to music or watch movies, your iPod probably includes at least one item that you didn’t pay for.

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Visit a cemetery, become a winner

October 28th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized


On Cemetery Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011,  the Catholic Cemeteries of the diocese  will have special office hours and hold a $500 American Express gift card drawing.

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Focusing on what remains after a tragic loss

October 28th, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized


By Gary Morton

Special to The Dialog

Thirty-six years ago Paula D’Arcy found herself in a strange predicament, shrouded by death yet absorbed by new life.

In 1975 D’Arcy, in her second pregnancy, survived a wreck caused by a drunk driver that left her husband, Roy, and 21-month-old daughter, Sarah, dead. Six months later D’Arcy’s second daughter, Beth, was born.

“It was a period of stark contrast,” D’Arcy recalled last month before speaking at Resurrection Parish in Wilmington. “There was death all around me and there was new life, so I was holding both, really.”

Her personal world all but destroyed, D’Arcy, a Catholic, searched for faith and meaning. Her quest led her to the mystics and to people who discovered healing despite adversity.

“The common threat that I saw was that no matter what the circumstances, the people who had the life I would like to have … all seemed to find, ultimately, the beauty in what they were given,” D’Arcy said. “They recognized the loss, but the focus wasn’t on what they had lost; it was on what remained.”

Her search led D’Arcy to work for Dr. Normal Vincent Peale, a Protestant minister and author who promoted, as the title of one of his books stated, “The Power of Positive Thinking.” She later helped form the Red Bird Foundation, her ministry to help those in need grow spiritually and to help those in prison or who live in underdeveloped countries and disadvantaged cultures. The weekend she spoke at Resurrection, she participated in a retreat for homeless women at Jesus House Prayer and Renewal Center..

“For some of us you can almost identify, like me, this accident, that loss, but within the context of a life that’s really been very fortunate,” D’Arcy said in an interview. With the homeless at the retreat and with those in prisons where D’Arcy works, “there are so many layers of pain because there have been many things that have not worked out and so many advantages they haven’t had.”

When the wreck occurred D’Arcy was a counselor at a community college in Watertown, Conn., which helped as she wrestled with questions about her future. “Would this pain shut me down in life? Would I just close my heart in order not to ever be hurt or vulnerable in this way again? I came to a place where I knew I didn’t want that to happen. … I didn’t want to diminish my life especially because I was pregnant with my second child. I wanted to emerge a larger person, if it were possible.”

Her husband’s and Sarah’s deaths had shattered her “picture of God and a certain way I interpreted what love meant and what protection meant, from God.” As she re-evaluated faith, “very quickly I understood I didn’t know much. I kept praying, ‘Show me. Teach me.’”

God, she believes, provided new insights to faith slowly, sometimes through an encounter with another person, sometimes in a book she read, sometimes through a new understanding a Scripture passage.

A journal about her experience as a newlywed and a young mother that she had started before the wreck also helped. “My thought was that for my daughter Sarah, it would one day become a journal that she could read to know what the early years of her life were like. When the accident happened, I just kept writing. It was my way of managing pain, really; a way to give the pain expression.” The journal became her first book, “Song for Sarah/A Mother’s Journey through Grief and Beyond.”

D’Arcy came to understand that people need to find some way to “express and give voice to pain. The most important thing is that the pain needs to move; it has to get from the inside to the outside. Tears accomplish that, or speaking about it. For me it was writing.”

She wanted to help others find their own voice, which led to the Red Bird Foundation that she said works “to bring healing and hope, to reach hearts and let people know that the final say is not pain; the final say is love.”

Her goal is to provide a conversion of hearts that will overcome the challenges of today’s world: war, destruction, pain, “diminishment of the environment and the earth. … We’re all in this together.”


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‘In Time’ presents world where 25-year-olds have no future

October 28th, 2011 Posted in Movies, Uncategorized Tags: , ,


Catholic News Service

The dystopia sketched out in the sci-fi thriller “In Time” (Fox) is intriguing and, theoretically at least, more than a little chilling. In the near future, each member of society has been genetically engineered to stop aging when they reach 25, after which they’ll live for only one more year unless they can add more time to their biological clock.

With seconds, minutes, hours and days serving as currency, the wealthy can live forever while the less privileged must hustle to acquire time by any means necessary. An LED display on each person’s forearm reveals how much time remains before they expire. Units of chronology are up- and downloaded via scanners and can be transferred between individuals when they clasp arms in a particular way.

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Pope condemns use of religion to promote violence


Catholic News Service

ASSISI, Italy — Taking 300 religious leaders with him on pilgrimage to Assisi, Pope Benedict XVI said people who are suspicious of religion cannot be blamed for questioning God’s existence when they see believers use religion to justify violence.

“All their struggling and questioning is, in part, an appeal to believers to purify their faith so that God, the true God, becomes accessible,” the pope said Oct. 27 during an interfaith gathering in the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels.

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Pope puts his mark on third interfaith prayer summit

October 18th, 2011 Posted in International News, Uncategorized


Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY — Slowly and carefully, the Vatican is setting the stage for the third edition of the interreligious “prayer for peace” encounter in the Italian pilgrimage town of Assisi.
The Oct. 27 event marks the 25th anniversary of the first such gathering. As in 1986, it is expected to draw representatives from many Christian denominations and more than a dozen other faiths. Read more »

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