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High Schools celebrate graduations


St. E’s graduates 101
WILMINGTON — St. Elizabeth High School graduated 101 students in commencement exercises held at the St. E Center on June 5. Bishop Malooly presided.
The class was accepted to 123 colleges and universities and received offers of scholarships and grants totaling $10.5 million.
Student speakers were Abigayle Gant and Joseph Pritchard. Pritchard shared the Blessed Virgin Mary Sodality Award for the highest general average for four years and departmental honors in social studies with David Hazelton Jr. Pritchard also received honors in science, English, religious studies and Spanish. In addition, he was the winner of the Ciro Sr. and Lidia Poppiti Viking Scholar Award, presented to the student who best exemplifies intellectual curiosity through research and presentations, leadership through collaboration, and demonstrates awareness of global issues and a mastery of 21st century skills and abilities.

David James Hazelton Jr. receives a certificate acknowledging his appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point from West Point admissions representative Stephan Murphy during St. Elizabeth’s graduation ceremonies June 5 at the St. E Center. (COURTESY ST. ELIZABETH'S HIGH SCHOOL)
David James Hazelton Jr. receives a certificate acknowledging his appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point from West Point admissions representative Stephan Murphy during St. Elizabeth’s graduation ceremonies June 5 at the St. E Center.

Hazelton received departmental honors in mathematics, and with Alanna Speaks received the St. Sebastian Award for the male and female who best exemplify excellence both on the athletic field and in the classroom.
Gant and Andrew Mazalewski received the James T. Curran Memorial Award, presented to a male and female student whose character and actions demonstrate honesty, integrity, humility and citizenship.
Other departmental honors went to Shelby McAllister, visual arts; Jake Barks, performing arts; and Alexa Cruz, chorus and vocal activity. Cruz and Megan McLaughlin were honored with the St. Elizabeth Youth Leadership Award.
Madelyn Biddle received the Rev. Norman P. Carroll Pastor’s Award for working the hardest for four years. The Class of 2017 Award, presented to the student who, in the opinion of classmates, is the most personable, the kindest and most considerate of the seniors, was awarded to Madelynn Norris.
Kellen Sweeney earned the Jennifer Forester Memorial Award for best exemplifies Benedictine Spirit … Viking Pride. Declan Kennard won the St. Scholastica Spirit of the School Award for giving witness to the mission statement. Two students, Juliana Owens and Brandon Holly, shared the St. Benedict Pax Award.
Johnathan Hendricks received the Sister Mary Ellen Hussey Award for best exemplifying Sister’s nature and vision.
• •
St. Mark’s awards 145 diplomas
WILMINGTON — St. Mark’s graduated 145 students at commencement exercises held June 3 in the school gymnasium. Bishop Malooly presided.
The Rachael M. Ali Award for quiet leadership, excellence of character and devotion to St. Mark’s went to Karina Tramont. Joseph White and Meredith Fish shared the Bishop Michael Hyle Award for outstanding service, and the Ronald R. Russo Jr. Award for academic excellence was received by Nicholas Pautler.
Departmental honors went to Jenna Hall and Lucie Melvin, drama; Pautler for English, calculus, Spanish, biology, and American history; Kellie Van Duzer, creative and critical writing; Max Downey, critical analysis of literature, advanced mathematics, statistics, science, chemistry, European history, and theology;
Kevin Orzada, French; Brianna Jubb, Italian; Bernadette Bautista, music; Daniel Ortiz, physics; Sarah Hopkins, social studies, American history; Amanda Mitsdarfer, behavioral science; Thomas Gibb, law and economics.
• •
STMA adds 47 alum
MAGNOLIA — Forty-seven seniors graduated from St. Thomas More Academy in commencement exercises held May 31 in the school gymnasium. Bishop Malooly presided.
The class received more than $7 million in college scholarship and grant offers.
The valedictorian was Kyla Lavender, who also received the Bishop’s Leadership Award and department honors for religion and medals for Student Ambassadors, Drama Club and campus ministry. Salutatorian Gillian Crawford received the Father James Lentini Service Award and honors for AP calculus.
Other award winners included Noel Majka, who received the St. Thomas More Award; Gillian LeBlanc, the Chancellor Award; and Michael Kosior, the Bishop Saltarelli Servant Award.
Other departmental honors went to Esther Dawley, world languages; Elizabeth McMahon, art; Sarah Reeves, AP studio art; Israel Rudinoff, law and society, and literature; Alexis Callahan, AP psychology; Kosior, business;
LeBlanc, AP English language and AP biology; Weichun Ethan Zheng, math; Ryan Dahlke, engineering; Xinyue Lilian Zhang, ELL; Chuyl Grace Cai, AP government; Josh Novack, science; and Vincent Ains, fine arts.
• •
154 alumnae welcomed
Padua Academy graduated 154 seniors in commencement exercises held June 1 at St. Anthony of Padua Church. Bishop Malooly presided.
The students were offered $28.2 million in scholarship and grant offers. Kalani Picho was the valedictorian and received the award for highest scholastic average over four years. Picho received departmental honors in science, mathematics, social studies and religious studies.
The salutatorian was Brooklynn Stoupa.
Gabriella Santacecilia received the Board of Trustees Award and departmental honors in Italian.
Maya Shenoy was honored for English and French, and she also received the Global Advocate Award. The Brother Michael Rosenello Award and the Alyssa Godfrey Memorial Scholarship went to Emily Stuebing. Kelly Ward won the Knights of Columbus Award.
Helen Drees received the Student Council Leadership Award, and the Sarah Smith Scholarship was awarded to Courtney Gempp. Brynna Gaffney was the recipient of the St. Francis de Sales Award. Jessica Bridge won the St. Francis of Assisi Award, and she shared departmental honors in music with Laura Land.
Other departmental honors went to Ashley Williams, Spanish and art; Rebecca DePiero, English; Lynsie Grant, technology; and Madeline Olivere, textiles and clothing.
Gaffney was named scholar-athlete, and Madelyn Judge the most valuable athlete. Gempp received the Sports Faith Award. Stuebing won the “Suaviter sed Fortiter” Award, and Cassidy Pieper earned the Denise McFadden Spirit Award.
Students recognized for perfect attendance included Taliah Cintron, Miranda Marini, Kathryn McNichol, Jordan Moroski, Caitlin O’Brien, Meghan Patterson, Sandra Petriccione, Pia Singh, Susan Stepek and Stuebing.
• •
Peter and Paul graduates 48
EASTON, Md. — Ss. Peter and Paul High School graduated 48 members of the Class of 2017 at commencement exercises on May 25 at the Todd Performing Arts Center at Chesapeake College. Bishop Malooly presided.
The class has been accepted to more than 112 colleges and universities and received more than $5.34 million in scholarship and grant offers.
Valedictorian Mimi Sanford was a state of Maryland Merit Scholar, and she received departmental honors for science, mathematics, fine arts and English. The salutatorian, Megan Beane, also was a state of Maryland Merit Scholar and was honored in world languages. Samantha Kyle was the baccalaurean.
The Principal’s Award for dedication to the mind-body-spirit mission of Ss. Peter and Paul went to Clare Kelly, who also received recognition for theology. Adam Alderfer won the Alumni Spirit Award and the Adrianna Lee Pride and Perseverance Award. He was also recognized for theology, and he shared the C. Markland Kelly Jr. Award for athletic leadership and sportsmanship with Jennifer Douglas.
Michael McCormack received the Lilli Rossi Selfless Service Award. The Father Adrian Fuerst Award for academic effort went to Laura Dennison. Kate Sovero received the John P. Herrity Memorial Award for dedication to the athletic program, and Mason Satchell was honored with the Lucille O’Reilly Memorial Award for academics.
Class president Jonathan Singelstad received the Christopher Maxwell Literary Award and was honored for social studies.
Madison Marciniak received the Eileen Siemer Schauber Memorial Scholarship for health-related career studies.
• •
124 graduate Archmere
Archmere Academy graduated 124 seniors during commencement exercises on June 4 at the school. Bishop Malooly presided.
Alison Lobo was the valedictorian, and she also received departmental honors in Spanish, science and mathematics. Christopher Beck was the salutatorian.
Matthew Groum received the Archmere Medal, the school’s most prestigious award, which is given to the senior whom the faculty believes best exemplifies the ideals and values of Archmere. Groum also received departmental honors for history. The Activity Medal, the second-highest honor, went to Catherine Lawless. It recognizes service and participation.
Other departmental honors went to Blake Parker, theology; Abigail Turley, instrumental music; Olivia O’Dwyer, Chinese; Anna Cassidy, French; Erika South, German; Abby Kraus, forensics; Idana Tang, computer science and technology.
Also, Caroline Quinn, vocal music; Naomi Graf, art; Haley Levinsky, Christian service; Keelin Reilly, drama; Emma Stovicek, humanities and English.
Patrick Udovich was recognized for excellence in boys athletics, and Maggie Malloy won the award for girls athletics.
 • •
Ursuline graduates 49
WILMINGTON — Ursuline Academy graduated 49 seniors at commencement exercises on June 4 in the school gymnasium. Bishop Malooly presided.
Nina Kegelman was the valedictorian. She also won department honors in English, chorus, Spanish and theology. Celina Ceballos was the salutatorian, and she received honors in science. Ceballos also received Ursuline’s highest award, the Cross of Merit Award, for outstanding service to the school and the student body.
The Ursuline Academy President’s Award for excellence in service to school and community was presented to Julianna Salak.
Madeline Tallman received the Agnes May Horty Alumnae Award, which goes to the senior whose outstanding qualities represent the standards and ideals of Ursuline Academy, including scholarship, extracurricular projects, leadership and character. Tallman also received departmental honors for instrumental music, and she was one of three students named a global scholar, along with Areeba Khan and Kayla Larmore. This was the first time Ursuline named global scholars, who completed the necessary curricular and extracurricular activities.
Larmore and Mengqi Bella Tuo also received the Serviam Award, for exemplifying the spirit of the school motto, “I will serve.” Tuo was honored for her accomplishments in visual art.
The Neilia Hunter Biden Award for service to country, community and fellow Americans went to Shayla Bartoli. Lindsay Brown received the Laura Lange Capodanno Award for her sense of responsibility, spirit, fair play and dedication to school and fellow students. Erin O’Doherty was recognized with the Sister Catherine Morse Award for outstanding service and dedication to Ursuline. The Sister Berenice McGrory Award for work in outreach programs in church, parish or community went to Theresa Manganiello.
Other departmental honors went to Bartoli, drama; Manganiello, French; Sarah Taylor, Latin; Maria Mathews, math; Elizabeth Barnett, social studies; and Christa McDowell, Chinese.
• •
255 new alumni for Sallies
WILMINGTON — Salesianum graduated 255 seniors on June 2 at commencement exercises in the school gymnasium.
The graduating class earned more than $29 million in scholarship and grant offers.
Joseph Nowak received the Rev. Thomas A. Lawless, OSFS, Gold Master Award for highest academic ranking. He was also honored for Spanish.
Brett Nordmeyer was recognized for leadership and service to the Salesianum student council. The Joseph D. Boxler Memorial Award for personal integrity went to Franklin Rodriguez, and Christopher White received the Vincent J. Kowalewski Memorial Gold Award. Jack Villec received the Alumni Master Award for moral responsibility and good citizenship.
The following students were recognized with departmental honors: Steven Banko, Latin; Matthew Baxter, mathematics and chemistry; Stefan Bell, computer science; Corlan Blyskal, computer science; Luke Green, visual arts; Kyle Heiss, religious studies, computer science and dramatics; Raymond Horchos, social studies; Christopher Jenkins, American sign language.
Also, Brendan Jeynes, English and French; Justin Krussman, drafting and architectural design; James McFate, Latin; Nathan Ona, Latin and technical aspects of theater; Brett Pryor, biology; Dominic Scarpone, television production; Ryan Simpson, computer science; Sean Smith, outstanding musicianship; Ethan Sunshine, mathematics, chemistry and physics; and Duncan Trerotola, Chinese.
Justin Doran received the Guido R. Schiavi ’44 Spirit of Salesianum Award, and Michael Drake earned the Col. George H. Seitz Jr. Memorial Gold Medal for athletics.