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Bishop Malooly’s letter to priests decries anti-life bills in Dover


On May 3, Bishop Malooly wrote a letter to priests of the Diocese of Wilmington regarding three bills introduced this legislative session in Dover that would: codify in state law legalized abortion; amend the state’s death penalty statute in order to restore capital punishment; and legalized physician-assisted suicide.
The following is the text of the bishop’s letter to priests on Wednesday:
“It has been a busy week for those of us who minister in the Delaware area of the diocese in our efforts to promote a culture of life in this State.
About 25 people from around the Diocese processed 7 times around Legislative Hall in Dover, Del. as they prayed the rosary on the International Day for the Unborn, Thursday, March 25, 2010. The Dialog/Don Blake
“Last week, it was brought to our attention that a bill had been filed in the Delaware Senate that codifies legalized abortion in Delaware – Senate Bill 5. On Monday, I issued a statement on SB-5 that was posted online and hand-delivered to members of the Delaware Senate Health, Children & Social Services Committee who will be conducting a hearing on the bill later today.  A Delaware Catholic Advocacy Network (DCAN) alert has been issued urging the Delaware Catholic community to email their State Senator asking them to oppose this bill.
“Additionally, later today, a hearing will take place on House Bill 125, the Extreme Crimes Protection Act, which would amend Delaware’s death penalty statute to remedy a technical defect which currently renders capital punishment unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution.   Again, I issued a statement in opposition to HB-125 in the form of a letter that is being distributed to the Delaware General Assembly. Further action on this bill is being considered.
“If that wasn’t enough, we just learned that House Bill 160 was introduced yesterday that would legalize physician-assisted suicide in Delaware.  Again, we will come out firmly against this bill and use DCAN to help protect our citizens from this harmful legislation.
“I bring these items to your attention for your information, and to remind you that forces wishing to undermine a culture of life in both Delaware and Maryland are as active as ever.  We are blessed to have the excellent work of the Maryland Catholic Conference to help us protect life in that state. In Delaware, I am very grateful for the work of our lobbyist, Joe Fitzgerald, on whom we greatly depend to represent us in Dover. In both states you, our pastors and priests, keep our faithful informed and energized.
“Please pray that our Delaware legislators will use wisdom and good judgment during this legislative session. If your ministry is in Delaware, please urge your parishioners to stay informed on issues of life by joining the Delaware Catholic Advocacy Network at www.cdow.org/DCAN. Please use DCAN or other methods to join the effort.
“Thank you for all that you do.”