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Saint of the Day: Frederic Ozanam

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Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Feast Day: September 9

At Frederic’s 1997 beatification in Paris, Pope John Paul II called him a model for Catholic laypeople.

Frédéric Ozanam by Ernest Falconnet – Paris, 21. July 1834 (CNS)

Though he earned a doctorate in law and his father hoped he would become a judge, Frederic turned to literature and charity for his life’s work.

He taught literature at the Sorbonne, was happily married and had a daughter.

Beginning in 1831 he was part of a group of young Catholic intellectuals who discussed literature, history and society, while also visiting the poor and sick at home.

They became the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which is still active worldwide.

Frederic joined the Third Order of St. Francis shortly before his death at age 40.

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