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Tears of joy for Eagles fans include memories of loved ones

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Those not from our area might believe they understand the flood of emotions coming from people after the Philadelphia Eagles ended their franchise Super Bowl drought and claimed their first NFL Championship since 1960.

They think they get it. Other teams have had long droughts, some longer than the Eagles.

So it’s possible outsiders get it, right?

Eagles memories dot the landscape at All Saints Cemetery in Wilmington. (The Dialog/Mike Lang)

Not really.

Eagles pride streams through the veins of so many families entrenched in so many memories. Sons lead to fathers, father to grandfathers, daughters to dads, nephews to aunts and on and on. Everybody has a story. Everyone has a connection.

In so many cases, they are memories no longer shared together. So many Eagles fans didn’t live to see the day that finally arrived yesterday, a city awash in football joy because its beloved Eagles finally won the Super Bowl. Their loved ones didn’t forget.

Scenes across the Diocese of Wilmington on Monday showed evidence of people remembering, maybe hoping their lost loved one could help bring their team across the line. Banners, flags, green flowers and notes of Eagles encouragement dotted cemetery plots across the region.

So many tears included so many memories. It will be a joyous week in our region, capped by a parade Thursday in Philadelphia. It’s a time to remember and a time to smile.


Loved ones remember Eagles fans at grave sites at Cathedral Cemetery in Wilmington. (The Dialog/Mike Lang)

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