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Rich Jasper will be ordained a priest May 20         Healey Education Foundation will help fortify schools         Youth and Young Adults Ministry's new leader         St. E's playwright enters, stage right                 To see video reports, click the blue CNS button, bottom right        
  • From the Bishop: Please help support our retired priests May 21-22

    Dear Friends in Christ,

    Currently about 30 percent of our diocesan priests are retired with many more either approaching retirement age, or working well past 70, the usual age of retirement for diocesan priests.

    While a priest is in parish ministry, his salary and expenses are paid by the parish. When he retires, the Diocesan Priests’ Retirement Fund takes care of Father’s needs.

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  • Bishop Malooly’s Easter Message

    “Do not be afraid.” These are the words of the angel at the tomb of the risen Jesus to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary as recorded in St. Matthew’s Gospel. Their initial fear vanished as the two women listened intently to the angel who declared to them: “He has been raised from the dead.” Barely given time to absorb these incredible words, they then received a commission from the angel: “Go quickly and tell his disciples.”

     Their amazement doesn’t stop there. While the women were running to spread the good news, they meet Jesus himself who echoes the words spoken to them by the angel: “Do not be afraid.” Their joy must have been boundless as he urged them on to spread the word to his disciples.

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