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Our Lenten Journey, March 18, 2022


Today’s reflection:

“As we do, we come to see more and more that our sins and failings keep tripping us up; that, without help from God, great help, we will continue to fall into sin and turn away from him.” — Sister Ann Shields 

In the 2016 column “How to Accept God’s Forgiveness” on the Catholic Life website, Sister Ann Shields focuses on the mercy of God, and in particular, Divine Mercy. She reminds us of the endless love and forgiveness of God: “The mercy of God is lavish, overwhelming and infinite. No matter what we have done wrong, God will forgive those who come to him in repentance.” It’s something to consider as we make our way toward Reconciliation Monday.

(From the Renewal Ministries website: Sr. Ann Shields, SGL, is an internationally noted conference and retreat speaker, and the author of numerous books on Catholic spirituality, including Deeper ConversionTo Be Like Jesus, and More of the Holy Spirit. She currently hosts the popular daily radio program Food for the Journey. She is part of Renewal Ministries’ leadership team and a member of The Servants of God’s Love, a charismatic religious community established in the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan. Sr. Ann was awarded the Benemerenti Medal by Pope Benedict XVI in September of 2012 for service to the Church. She also is a recipient of the Aggiornamento Award, given by the Catholic Library Association in recognition of outstanding contribution through her books and articles for the renewal of parish and community life.)


To help the faithful observe Lent in the Diocese of Wilmington, this year’s annual Lenten Journey will focus on the theme of Reconciliation, in anticipation of Reconciliation Monday, April 11.

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