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Our Lenten Journey, March 7, 2022


To help the faithful observe Lent in the Diocese of Wilmington, this year’s annual Lenten Journey will focus on the theme of Reconciliation, in anticipation of Reconciliation Monday, April 11.

Today’s reflection:

“Sometimes men and women prefer the darkness to the light because they are attached to their sins. Nevertheless it is only by opening oneself to the light and only by sincerely confessing one’s sins to God that one finds true peace and true joy. It is therefore important to receive the Sacrament of Penance regularly, especially during Lent, in order to receive the Lord’s forgiveness and to intensify our process of conversion.” — Pope Benedict XVI

These words are taken from Pope Benedict XVI’s Angelus address at St. Peter’s Square on March 18, 2012, the fourth Sunday of Lent that year. In the address, the pope cites St. Augustine — “each one of us, in fact, must recognize that he is sick in order to be healed” — and talks about the healing quality of forgiveness. Read Pope Benedict’s words here.


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