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Archmere Academy commemorates alums working in healthcare during coronavirus

Gabriella Vasile

With many students graduating from Archmere Academy each year, the institution is much like other places and always pleased to hear and share stories of their alums detailing how their life has been post-graduation.

Since the start of the coronavirus, Archmere Academy has continued to share with others the work and generous efforts done both by current and former students like Gabriella Vasile, class of 2009, and Gregory Jasani of 2010.

Vasile is completing her residency in dermatology at Larkin Community Hospital outside of Miami, and has been embracing “togetherness” as she created a clothing line to help others such as small businesses and healthcare workers during this pandemic.

The inspiration came from a family friend that owns a small print business that had been struggling because of the pandemic, said Vasile.

During this time, Vasile believes it is very important that everyone works together, which is why she titled the brand “[together.].”

Demonstrating that we are all in this together, Vasile incorporated the word “together” in various languages as part of the collection.

According to Vasile, all of the profits earned from the clothing line are being donated to helping small businesses and healthcare workers who have been impacted.

Greg Jasani

As for Jasani, he too is in residency, working as an emergency physician at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

Unlike other hotspots, where Coronavirus cases increase by the day or even the hour, Baltimore “hasn’t seen a huge surge in cases like others,” said Jasani.

Treating patients with the virus and trying to determine proper protocols for all that is going on are two challenges the hospital has already been facing for some time, but now a new challenge has surfaced.

It has become “harder to discharge patients out of the hospital because of the care they need once being discharged,” Jasani said.

According to Jasani, once discharged, many patients need respiratory therapy or other post hospitalization treatments but with many therapy centers not taking any new patients at the moment due to not wanting to put their current patients or others at risk, it has made it harder for the hospital to discharge the patients they have.

Not upset or angered by this newer challenge, Jasani simply replied “I get it” because as a physician, he is fully aware of the risk involved when it comes to coronavirus patients.

Despite the level of uncertainty when it comes to the virus and occasionally working longer shifts, Jasani said it has been “so great to work where I do.”

Jasani and Vasile are two of the many alumni that school officials say are working on the frontlines and also those who are giving back and doing more for their community and others affected by this pandemic.