Home Education and Careers Neumann University in Aston, Pa., waives SAT/ACT requirement for prospective first-year students

Neumann University in Aston, Pa., waives SAT/ACT requirement for prospective first-year students

Neumann University
Cory Azeff, left, a computer information systems major, reviews an assignment with Professor James Waters in Neumann University’s Data Analytics Lab in February 2019.
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Neumann University has waived the SAT/ACT test requirement for prospective first-year undergraduate students if their high school GPA is 2.5 or greater. The decision applies to students who have submitted applications for fall 2020 and to those who will apply in the future.  In addition, Neumann University joins the list of schools that have moved the fall deposit deadline from May 1 to June 1.
Testing for SAT and ACT exams has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. 
According to Francesca Reed, university vice president for enrollment management and marketing, “Neumann University was in the process of moving towards becoming a test-optional college for 2021. With the recent closures of schools and cancellation of test centers across the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were propelled to expedite the proposal and allow students the flexibility during this stressful time.”
More than 3,500 students have applied so far to be first-year students at Neumann University this fall.
“Neumann University is acting to remove any barriers that prospective undergraduate students might encounter,” said Dr. Chris Domes, university president. “This new policy is especially critical at this time because of necessary efforts to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.”
Both officials acknowledge that high school GPA is a significant predictor of success at Neumann while SAT/ACT scores are not a significant indicator of success in college. Prospective first-year students must meet all other admission requirements. 
The ACT and SAT are used by most U.S. colleges and universities as part of the application process, but Neumann University joins more than 1,000 institutions across the nation that have already made standardized testing optional.