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Neumann University series of courses addresses effectiveness of online, hybrid teaching

Stephanie Budhai

ASTON, Pa.Neumann University is offering an online program for teachers of kindergarten through 12th grade as schools around the area prepare for the upcoming academic year in a variety of settings. The program, according to Neumann, will provide the educators with knowledge, awareness and skills to better present and assess learning content in hybrid and virtual settings.

The four-course offering will begin in October and run through next June. One course will take place this fall, two will be in the spring, and the final one will be during the first summer session of 2021. All will be fully online.

“Emergency online teaching is not teaching online,” said Stephanie Budhai, a professor of graduate education at Neumann. She designed the program and wants teachers to be prepared for a second wave of the coronavirus or an expansion of online learning.

According to Neumann, the difference between teaching online and in a classroom is one of pedagogical technique. While the content is the same, the approach from the teacher is not. For example, teachers looking to engage their students in a virtual setting can use multiple avenues for communication, such as embedded audio and video, chat rooms or instant messaging.

Nicole Draper, a third-grade teacher at Harlan Elementary School in the Brandywine School District, said the online instruction courses “helped me gain a wealth of knowledge and skills, and develop a passion for instructional technology. Draper graduated from Neumann in 2014 and earned her master’s in education there two years later.

The four courses are “Emerging Trends and Professional Responsibilities,” “Designing and Developing Online Blended Content,” “Effective Teaching in an Online Setting,” and “Authentic Online Assessment Practices.” To learn more go to www.neumann.edu/msed.