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Bishop Koenig meets with students at St. Peter the Apostle School in New Castle: Photo gallery

The students sing for Bishop Koenig. Dialog photo/Mike Lang

NEW CASTLE — Bishop Koenig continued to get to know the students at Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wilmington with a visit to St. Peter the Apostle School in New Castle in mid-January. After meeting the principal, Mark Zitz, he walked over to the gymnasium, where he was joined by the pastor, Father Tim Nolan, and small groups of students, starting with the pre-kindergarten.

The bishop asked the children if they knew what a bishop does, then spent much of his time kneeling down so he could see the youngsters eye-to-eye when the answered. One of the students asked him what he learned in his religion classes.

“I learned about Adam and Eve,” Bishop Koenig responded. God sent Jesus to forgive them and us, he explained.

He fielded several other questions from the pre-kindergarteners. One wanted to know what it was like to be the boss.

“It’s a fun, fun job. It’s really been a joy,” Bishop Koenig said.

Another wanted to know the biggest number the bishop knew. He said they should Google the answer because he wasn’t sure.

In response to one more query, Bishop Koenig said the favorite part of his job was helping people pray, meeting people, and working with priests, religious and others “to make our church more present to people.”

All photos by Mike Lang.