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11-year-old author Maximo Cesar Castellanos has ‘Days of Childhood’ at Most Blessed Sacrament school in Berlin, Md.

Maximo Cesar Castellanos

GEORGETOWN — Maximo Cesar Castellanos has released his newest book, the seventh of his young life.

Maximo is a bilingual 11-year-old student in sixth grade at Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic School in Berlin, Md. His new book, “Dr. Pren and The Days of His Childhood” is available in both English and Spanish.

The Georgetown resident holds a green belt in Isshinryu Karate and plays soccer with the Henlopen Soccer Club.

Maximo began drawing stories at age three. From there he moved on to comics and then learned to read and write, so that he could write his stories down. He continues to draw and illustrate and also enjoys making short films.

His latest book begins with an old, mysterious man who lives in a cabin in a small town near the beach. No one had seen him leave the cabin for 30 years, but a humble young man who worked in a bar across the street would soon meet him and be changed forever. “The humble young man, George, will discover how the man in the cabin, Dr. Pren, and his childhood friends helped save the world,” according to a press release about the new book.

Other books written, translated and illustrated by him include: “The Haunted Swamp”, “Skeleton Wars”, “Ghosts in my Attic” and “Big Foot Hunting.”

His writing credits also include the book “Peter”, which was authored by Maximo as well as by Allison Castellanos, Julio Castellanos and Octavio Castellanos.

Writing, drawing and telling stories has always been a part of the young author’s life. He describes his work as mostly “action and suspense stories.”

His favorite author is Roald Dahl, who wrote “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda.”

“When I was little, I created a lot of stories through drawing,” he said. “I enjoy being able to write down my stories and share them with others.”

“It is a pleasure having Maximo as a student at MBS. He is always so thoughtful and kind. We are very proud of his accomplishments as a young author and student. I am waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon and can’t wait to read it,” said MBS Principal Kathleen Manns.

“I tell him he’s prolific … He has lots and lots and lots of stories,” according to his mother, Allison Castellanos. “He builds the stories in his mind and usually tells it and then he writes it down.”

He has held small book readings at local libraries, she said. “I think he’s gotten a really positive reaction.”

“Maximo is a curious young man who is consistently interested in educating himself in areas he has not yet explored … I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Maximo as both a student, author and amazing individual,” said MBS Fifth Grade Teacher Robin Hayes.

“His love of writing inspires students to read his stories and have been enjoyed by many students grades two to five. We are looking forward to adding his latest novel to our collection, and I know his peers will be eager to read it,” said Librarian Christa Gunther.

“It doesn’t matter what ideas you have, just write them down. Keep on writing and follow your dreams,” Maximo said.

The English or Spanish editions of the book are available at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $15.