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‘One of Us’ podcast: Susan Frerks lives out faith each day with Catholic Charities, Casa San Francisco

Susan Frerks

“One of Us” is brief snapshot of people who support the church in various ways in the Diocese of Wilmington. We will regularly feature people who may be recognizable within their parish communities.

NAME: Susan Frerks


PARISH: St. Jude the Apostle

What is the most important part of your spirituality?”
“Things changed a bit over the years, depending on what was going on in my life. Probably the most difficult was when my parents were both nearing the end of their life. During one particular time, I had been at Mass and the priest had said that sometimes you can do all you can and sometimes you have to hand it all over to God and let him take over for you. I’d always heard it and thought that sounded very nice, but that was the first time I actually did do it. It actually came through.”

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