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SACRED program set for Salesianum on Feb. 24


The 2018 Salesianum Adult Christian Religious Education Day (SACRED) is scheduled for Sat. Feb. 24 at 8 a.m. at Salesianum School in Wilmington.

The 18th annual daylong event offers 15 courses in adult religious education for parents and catechists and includes lunch. Tickets purchased by Jan. 31 are $40; $45 after that date. Registrants will have two chances to attend the sacrament of reconciliation and the day concludes with Sunday Mass at 4 p.m. 

The workshop sessions aim to provide continuing faith formation for all Catholic adults and are useful for religious ed teachers and parish leaders.

Among the sessions are: Your Marriage Relationship Affects Your Children; The Church of the Apostles: What Kind of Church Are We Called To Be; Dig In! Seven Archaeological Discoveries Uncovering the True Nature of the Bible; The Gospel of Mark; What is a Human Right? Catholic and American Perspectives; Crisis and Courage amidst Life’s Twists and Turns; “If You Wish To Be Perfect”: Understanding Catholic Ethics; The Church and End of Life Decisions; Jacob’s Ladder: Salesian Perspectives on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; The Parables of Jesus; 10 Peak Moments in Church History: How They Apply Today; Why in the Hell Did God Do That? Dealing with Horrifying Old Testament Images; The Benedict Option: Practicing One’s Faith in the Face of Opposition and Does Prayer Work?

For more information, visit sacred.salesianum.org.