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Reject the lure of your XBox and get some school work done — Neumann University’s ‘Coronacast Diaries’


Documenting their personal experience while in quarantine during this global pandemic, students, faculty, community and non-community residents of Aston, such as international citizens have been recording their stories to be aired in a podcast series created by Neumann Unviersity’s communications department.

Known as the “Coronacast Diaries,” the audio clips are aired daily on Neumann’s radio station WNUW 98.5 LP FM and its social media pages.

Today’s Coronacast comes from Billy Findlay, student at Neumann University, sharing how he’s dealing with the Coronavirus. For Findlay, playing X-box with friends from school, volunteering at a local firehouse, and doing school work are ways he’s able to make time pass by. Like many other students, Findlay is experiencing the pros and cons that come with online learning.
Previous Coronacasts can be found and listen to on Neumann Media’s Youtube page.
To share your experience, audio files can be emailed to WNUW@neumann.edu or call the station at 484- 424-9687 and leave a voicemail.