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Living Our Faith: Sensus Fidelium

 ‘Sensus fidelium’: the sense of the faithful
There are many moving examples where the sense of the faithful can be seen preserving the faith.

Faithful hold candles in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher in this April 19, 2014, photo. In 2014 the Vatican’s International Theological Commission published the document “‘Sensus Fidei’ in the Life of the Church,” which expresses the belief that “the faithful have an instinct for the truth of the Gospel, which enables them to recognize and endorse authentic Christian doctrine and practice, and to reject what is false.” (CNS photo/Oliver Weiken, EPA) 
In the “sensus fidelium,” there is a breathing together of church teaching and people’s lived experience.
Nourished by prayer and worship, the faithful gain knowledge and understanding of the faith from the community of believers that is the church.