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Faith-filled summer activities for families

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Summer may be almost over, but there’s still time for families to enjoy a few fun, faith-filled activities. Such as:

• Plant a Mary garden:

Create a space in the yard for prayer, meditation or reading. Place a statue of the Virgin Mary here with blue and white flowers, or use another theme. Pray the rosary or sing Marian hymns together.

• Take a mini-pilgrimage to a local shrine:

Plan a day or morning trip to a nearby shrine. Before going, look up — or have the kids look up — a few facts about the particular saints or devotions of the shrine, so kids can point out what details they recognize in images, stained glass windows or outdoor areas.

• Create a time capsule:

Gather photos, holy cards, favorite Bible verses, drawings and place in a container to bury in the backyard. Write down family traditions or memories and make predictions of what the future will be like. Each family member can write a private letter to God for safekeeping in the capsule.

• Volunteer at your parish:

Call the parish office and ask how you can lend a hand. Think outside the box — offer to organize a summer family movie night series or family game nights — and be sure to invite parishioners who may not have families in the area.

For more ideas, visit: catholicexchange.com/10-summer-ideas-catholic-family.