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Our Lenten Journey, March 12, 2022


To help the faithful observe Lent in the Diocese of Wilmington, this year’s annual Lenten Journey will focus on the theme of Reconciliation, in anticipation of Reconciliation Monday, April 11.

Today’s reflection:

“There is no sin that cannot be forgiven; Jesus does mention the ‘unforgivable sin against the Holy Spirit,’ which really is a person’s decision not to open up to God’s mercy, making it impossible for the Lord to reach their hearts. So, it is not a sin that cannot be forgiven, but it is the person’s refusal to go and ask for forgiveness and mercy.” — Roxanne King, former editor of the Denver Catholic Register

In a 2021 column for the Denver Catholic Register, “A priests top five reasons for returning to confession,” Roxanne King shares Father Andreas Hoeck’s thoughts on coming back to the sacrament. His list includes peace and joy, Christ’s mercy and the idea that there is “no unforgivable sin.” It’s a short, but good read here. 


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