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Archmere Academy students use creativity to mark Norbertine anniversary — Catholic Schools Week

Archmere students work with art department chair Stephanie Silverman on their contributions to the photomosaic.

CLAYMONT — To help mark the 900th anniversary of the Norbertine religious order, Archmere Academy created a project that helps connect the larger community inspired by St. Norbert of Xanten.

Led by the chairperson of the art department, Stephanie Silverman, students from Norbertine schools around the world came together to create a mural that honors St. Norbert. Every student was invited to create a small visual representation inspired by the life of the saint. The students had a six-by-six inch square piece of paper or two-dimensional surface on which to work.

“I think that this project is an excellent example of how technology can be leveraged to connect people across the glove — both in the collection process of the art samples using Google Drive, as well as the use of digital technologies and software to create the piece itself,” said Silverman, a 2000 graduate of Archmere.

Silverman worked with a local company to combine all of the student art pieces into a digital photomosaic tapestry. The resulting symbol represents the global network of the Norbertine Order and its schools. The mural is in the shape of a fleur de lis, a symbol of the Norbertine Order that began in Prémontre, France, on Christmas day in 1121.


Bishop Koenig will visit Archmere on Feb. 2 to celebrate Mass to help the school close out the 900th anniversary of the order. Two Norbertine abbots from the Daylesford Abbey are also expected to attend.