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Diocese of Wilmington ‘Share in the Spirit’ campaign: Frequently asked questions


What is the Share in the Spirit campaign all about?

Share in the Spirit is an annual collection for tuition assistance of the Diocese of Wilmington. The collection is conducted at all Masses during the fourth weekend of September. This year, the collection will take place on Sept. 25-26. The funds raised are combined with the interest acquired from the diocese’s Vision for the Future of Education Trust to provide assistance to elementary and secondary school students whose families struggle to afford the full cost of tuition.

Every family who receives tuition assistance pays for a portion of their child’s tuition. Your participation in this campaign helps to support hard-working families to make the dream of a Catholic education a reality.

What is the need?

Each year, the applications we receive for tuition assistance far outweigh the level of support we are able to provide.

For example: Of the more than 1,000 applications, FACTS, an independent agent that analyzes the financial need of each applicant, determined that more than $4.5 million would be required to fulfill the maximum need of every family qualified. And, every year, this number increases.

For this 2021-2022 school year – we have allocated $884,400 to 363 students in need. Thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors like you, we have been able to increase the amount distributed by 24%. This year, we provided assistance to 363 students — which is an increase over the 318 students last year.

Having these limited resources, the support for 2021-2022 represents only approximately 20% of the calculated need.

Why is Catholic education worth the investment?

An investment in Catholic education is an investment in the future. National studies reveal, Catholic schools develop future leaders who impact communities. Catholic schools instill the importance of people helping people; emphasizing, we are all in this together.

Catholic schools provide smaller class sizes; taught by teachers who are passionate about the faith and learning experience. Students are provided critical and creative thinking skills, self-confidence and purpose, and are encouraged to contribute to a better world.

Here in the Diocese of Wilmington, our students are provided a resource-rich education of mind, body and soul. Ninety-nine percent of Catholic high school students graduate from high school, and are committed to service and compassion.