Home Education and Careers Saint Mark’s High School commemorates alums working in healthcare during coronavirus

Saint Mark’s High School commemorates alums working in healthcare during coronavirus

Saint Mark's High School graduates working in healthcare

Since the coronavirus outbreak started, healthcare workers have received an overwhelming amount of love and support as they work on the front lines. Saint Mark’s High School is saluting its alums, grateful for their hard work and dedication that goes a long way as the medical field works to combat the virus.

Lauren Jackson, a graduate of Saint Mark’s, is a respiratory therapist at a Level 1 trauma hospital in Greenville, N.C. She described this as an “interesting time as a healthcare worker” and that when she’s at work “it’s all hands on deck.”

“Most people forget about respiratory therapists, we’re kind of in the background most time,” said Jackson.

Accustomed to working throughout the hospital in different departments, Jackson’s work ethic remains business as usual. However, with the coronavirus being a disease that attacks the respiratory system, her and other respiratory therapists’ expertise are a specific need right now.

For Alexis Banaszak, another alum from Saint Mark’s, work has been “crazy” as she is experiencing a bit of a difference when it comes to her job position at Christiana Hospital. Instead of doing analyses for patients needing spine and joint surgery or replacements, she’s now aiding with respiratory analyses.

Banaszak’s floor is now dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients. She reported that as a healthcare professional it’s important that they “work quickly to get patients to the higher care they need.” This can be a lot for them to deal with during this time, but Banaszak is thankful because she and others are constantly being educated.

“I feel safe while working,” Banaszak said.

Despite all the chaos, both Jackson and Banaszak reported a few positive things that have come about since the pandemic started.

According to Banaszak, this crisis has made her unit closer because of the teamwork needed and she is continuously motivated by her coworkers.

“I love nursing, there is nothing else I imagine doing,” said Banaszak.

As for Jackson, she is appreciative of the “crazy amount of support from the Greenville, community, like local restaurants feeding nurses,” she said. She is also thankful that the Greenville area has been very blessed with residents cooperating with the stay-at-home order.

Jackson and Banaszak are only two of the many alums that Saint Mark’s are very grateful for. Like many others, the Saint Mark’s community recognizes and appreciates all their alums working in healthcare during this time and their tremendous efforts to keep the well-being of others safe.