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St. Ann School teacher Megan Saienni: ‘We needed to show up for our kids’

Students check out displays on various saints at St. Ann School in Wilmington.

Megan Saienni, a teacher at St. Ann School in Wilmington, shared her thoughts at the end of an historic year of unprecedented education in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wilmington.

We did it.

So many people said we wouldn’t make it two weeks, or even to Christmas.

But we did. We did it because of the amazing diocesan faculty and staff who knew, WE NEEDED TO SHOW UP FOR OUR KIDS.

We showed up before we knew what the restrictions of teaching through a pandemic would look like. We showed up when people said we would just get sent home. We showed up when we didn’t know if we would have a full class or a class in quarantine. We showed up when there was no vaccine. Then they said they needed us to get vaccinated so we could get back to normalcy. So we showed up for that too.

As I look back from September to now, it’s safe to say I definitely have more grey hairs, go to bed a little earlier, and I am thrilled to take the phrase “pull up your mask” out of my vocabulary for the summer.

I learned that children in our entire society as a whole need us all to do better. They are our future. We can learn so much from them. They need our love and support more than ever right now. I learned that the gift of Catholic school is hands down the best money we could spend. I’d do without almost anything to afford this for Luca.

And looking back I realized I did something I am pretty proud of — I lived our diocesan theme “called to serve” out loud and proud for our son and all his friends to see.

WE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS. As we say goodbye to this unforgettable year, I am finally filled with optimism as we look to 2021-2022. #gomustangs