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Next bishop of Wilmington: William E. Koenig’s aunt describes his family, love for the outdoors

Bishop Koenig's late parents, Al and Mary.

William E. Koenig, the soon-to-be 10th bishop of the Diocese of Wilmington, is the focus of “Welcome Our Shepherd” the 72-page special section included with the July 16 edition of The Dialog. Staff writer Mike Lang chronicled life with his family and friends in an article that included a conversation with his Aunt Dorothy. An excerpt of that conversation is below. 

Dorothy Schultz, the bishop’s aunt, said her husband and Koenig’s mother were brother and sister. They grew up on a farm, and the new bishop was fond of fishing on the Delaware River. Schultz said she recalls him as a religious person growing up.

“I didn’t know what he was planning on doing, but I was not surprised when he chose that,” she said from her home in Sullivan County, N.Y., about an hour and a half north of Manhattan.

Bishop Koenig has always enjoyed the activities available to him upstate. He and his family used to go tubing on the Delaware, and the bishop would golf — one of his favorite hobbies — with his aunt.

“I said to him last time he was here, if you want me to skip a hole, I’ll skip a hole,” she joked.

The bishop’s mother was a teacher, and his father used to go hunting in the Catskills. One time before they were married, Schultz said, his mother needed a ride back to Long Island, and the friend who was supposed to do the driving was not available. Al Koenig offered to do the driving, “and they were together ever since. I think she liked the other guy better until she got to know Al.”