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After 40 years as a columnist, the itch to continue writing has still not been scratched — Father Eugene Hemrick

Pictured is the logo for OSV News, a new Catholic news service being launched in January by Our Sunday Visitor, an Indiana-based Catholic publishing company. Scott P. Richert, publisher of OSV, announced the launch July 6, 2022, during the Catholic Media Conference in Portland, Ore. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)

The U.S. Catholic Conference of the Bishops has decided to close the U.S. operations of Catholic News Service.

As a CNS columnist of 40 years, I feel very blessed for the privilege of exploring ideas with my readers on how to cope wisely with our challenging world.

One of the satisfactions of delving into everyday life through columns is sensing its history unfold and playing an influential part in endeavoring to guide it — to be filled with a sense of awesome responsibility.

It is ever so humbling likewise to have been in the company of colleagues dedicated to addressing the public world of ideas and their desire it to change them for the better.

Eugene Hemrick
Father Eugene Hemrick writes for Catholic News Service (CNS file photo/Bob Roller)

In my experience, I have not only been a columnist, but I was bitten by the urge to continue writing as long as God gives me the strength to do so and this is what I am attempting presently.

We have the website www.jknirp.com. It is dedicated to seeking the wisdom of the ages and applying it to today’s life. A section titled “Salient Reflections” aims to achieve this. As you can surmise, old columnists never die, they just fade away.

Although I never see or know who is reading my columns, I thank you for being out there even though you sometimes may say to yourself, “Where did he ever get those ideas from, what planet is he on?”

Now onto yet a new journey. Ciao and thank you for being part of my life, wherever you are.