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Maryland Catholic Advocacy Day Feb. 16 welcomes input from parishioners eager to make lawmakers aware of issues we support


By Catholic Standard

The third Maryland Catholic Advocacy Day sponsored by the Maryland Catholic Conference, will be held this year on Wednesday, Feb. 16.

Sponsored by the Maryland Catholic Conference – the official public policy arm of The Roman Archdiocese of Washington, the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Diocese of Wilmington – the event is a one-day, all-out effort to let state legislators hear from Catholic residents in their district about issues that are important to them and to the Church and people served by the Church.

Nearly 1,900 bills have been introduced already this session. The MCC’s advocacy staff reviews all of the bills from a Catholic perspective, advocates on about 100 bills during session, and selects 3-5 bills to focus on for Advocacy Day.

“We are narrowing in on Advocacy Day topics, but are still finalizing the bills as our staff monitors new legislation and considers bills that are actively being considered by the General Assembly. We will encourage parishioners to contact their legislators for or against bills in three areas: respect for life; education, family and children; and social and economic justice,” said Jenny Kraska, executive director.

The MCC’s Advocacy Day website – www.mdcatholic.org/advocacyday –  will include everything Catholic Marylanders need to participate: a video prayer led by Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori, chairman of the Maryland Catholic Conference, briefing room with background on the selected legislation, quick tips, and the action alerts.

Visitors to the site fill out the name and address on the alerts, review the prepared alert messages and click send. Their messages will be emailed directly to their senator and/or delegates. This year, advocates also can choose if they would like to be patched through for a phone call, tweet, or send a 30-second video message.

“We are excited to be able to offer a new way for Catholics to advocate with their elected representatives on behalf of our Church, our schools, and the vulnerable people we serve,” Kraska said.

Parishioners who join the Catholic Advocacy Network will get the alerts emailed (or texted, if they selected that option) directly to them. The alerts also will be shared on Twitter and Facebook (@mdcatholic). along with the website.