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Missing Mass this weekend? Join here for message from Bishop Malooly and Mass with Father Joseph W. McQuaide IV


Bishop Malooly granted dispensation to Catholics in the Diocese of Wilmington who will not make it to Sunday Mass this weekend as Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland residents try to limit the spread of coronavirus.

In the video above, the bishop discusses the decision and offers his blessing in advance of Saturday evening Mass celebrated by Father Joseph W. McQuaide IV, rector of the Cathedral of St. Peter in Wilmington.

Regulations limiting large gatherings have been adopted in both states and the dispensation is intended to conform to those guidelines, according to a statement from the Diocese of Wilmington.

The diocese has set up a webpage, www.cdow.org/coronavirus, to provide information and special announcements of interest to the Catholic community and the public. The page also features the video of the Sunday Mass for those who decide to participate from home.

Keeping the health and well-being of the public in mind, Bishop Malooly said he has asked parish leadership to carefully consider cancelling all non-devotional parish events and gatherings, according to the diocese.

Parishes that have notices in The Dialog that are scheduled to appear in Datebook or on its online events page can notify the diocesan news site of cancellations or postponements. Events notices will be updated on thedialog.org.

Changes can be emailed with subject line “DATEBOOK” to news@thedialog.org.