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St. Helena Friday Fish Fry in Diocese of Wilmington gets ‘Four star’ review — Dashing Dialog Diner


By The Dashing Dialog Diner

In case you hadn’t noticed, the great local Fish Frys are back in full swing and the Dashing Dialog Diner wasted no time rushing out to fill his face.

The Dialog listings in the newspaper and the event calendar at thedialog.org are again brimming with info on where to find your favorite local Friday night meal in Lent, and your Dashing servant is dutifully diving headlong.

We’ve long heard that St. Helena’s in Bellefonte cannot be beat, whether you’re talking about the monthly Sunday breakfast or the Fish Fry during Fridays in Lent.

We checked it out. It was worth the visit. Our party of four was hungry when we arrived shortly after 5 p.m. and judging by the crowd, everyone else was, too. The dinner runs from 5-7 p.m.

This spread has a generous menu that allows you to pick and choose and grab some a la carte, along with sides that come with the meal.

The Diner went with the crispy fried shrimp and wasn’t disappointed. Five generous shrimp came along with side dish choices. The creamy, penne-like noodle mac-and-cheese just about jumped onto our dish and the homemade cole slaw was outstanding. A chilled Cherry Coke washed it all down just nicely.

Mrs. Dashing gave high marks for baked tilapia. Fried is also a choice. She said the mac and cheese was “yummy” and was happy with the stewed tomatoes.

Eldest Dashing sister went with the baked tilapia. “It was very good. Seasoned to perfection with nice lemon slice on top. The lobster bisque was divine.” She’s obviously rich in vocabulary. But that was after the “good pour on the wine.”

The Dashing brother-in-law with the hearty appetite got the double-bubble flounder (you can order large or medium platters) and described it as a “four-star fish fry. Everything was off the charts. Flounder was crispy and juicy. Mac and cheese and stewed tomatoes a perfect marriage.”

He and his Mrs. said they were swimming in the lobster bisque.

Wine and beer are available along with various soft drinks. The complimentary side dish array includes the mac/cheese, stewed tomatoes, green beans, cole slaw, French fries and applesauce (pick two). Two soup selections are extra. Prices range from $11 to $16. Varied desserts are $2.50 apiece.

The Knights of the Christopher Columbus Council #3182 and helpers make the magic happen.

It’s every Friday through April 8 and absolutely worth the trip.