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Bishop Malooly: For Easter, may we never lose sight of the ways in which the risen Christ’s love continues to meet us where we are


These are indeed difficult times for us, it began only a few weeks into Lent when the Covid-19 virus confined us to our homes, shuttered our businesses and locked our Church doors. We could no longer attend public celebration of Mass, and our experience of Sacramental encounters were nearly completely curtailed. We couldn’t gather as a community of faith to pray the Stations of the Cross together in our parishes or make our annual Youth Pilgrimage through the streets of Wilmington. Our candidates and catechumens must wait to join our beloved Church.

Bishop Malooly

And yet, as a people of faith, we know that the Cross is not the end of the story. In fact, the Cross on Calvary led to the greatest gift we have ever known: the Love of God poured out for His children. A love that continues to call us by name, reminding us that we are never left to face our trials and suffering alone. With Christ, we never do.

As we continue this journey that is still filled with many questions and much uncertainty, may we never lose sight of the ways in which the Risen Christ’s love for us continues to meet us right where we are: in neighbors buying groceries for shut-ins; in the heroic love of health-care providers and supermarket cashiers; in our elected officials and public servants; in our clergy and Catholic school faculty who remain committed to teaching the faith and educating our young people in new and exciting ways; and in all who continue to pray and sacrifice for God’s healing peace to reign in our world during some very challenging days for our Church and society.

During this Easter season, let us keep in mind that Jesus Christ is truly risen and continues to shepherd the Church, and heal our world. Just as He did on that first Easter morning, He is now calling each of us by our name, reminding us to be not afraid and to continue living the Good News in the places and situations we find ourselves. May we continue to be Church for one another and may “Alleluia” be our song, even in these challenging times.

May Our Risen Lord continue to fill you with His peace and joy …

Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly

Bishop of Wilmington