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Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal — ‘Shining the Light of Christ’ — Commitment Weekend in the Diocese of Wilmington April 29-30


“This year, the Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal is ‘Shining the Light of Christ.’ We are all responsible for bringing Christ to others. When you support the Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal, you are Shining the Light of Christ and bringing hope to your neighbors. You are accompanying those on the margins – caring for the poor and vulnerable – proclaiming the gospel through youth, young adult, campus ministries, and Catholic education.
Your generosity strengthens our faith community – now and into the future.”

—Bishop Koenig

Jesus said – “Shine your light before others” – our Faith and Charity ministries bring the light of Christ’s love to our communities. It is a light that comforts, heals, and strengthens.

The Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal – Shining the Light of Christ – is a call to action, helping us care for the needs of our people and form the next generation of faith-filled leaders for our parishes and the broader community.


Difficult economic times require a high demand for the work of our Catholic Charities ministries. We were called upon more this year than ever to serve those in need in our neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

Our Catholic Charities ministries care for so many physical and emotional needs. One out of eleven people throughout our communities receives some service from Catholic Charities. This year, our 29 different programs served more than 86,000 individuals and families and the numbers continue to grow.

Our many food distribution ministries provide for those struggling with food insecurity. And at the same time that Catholic Charities serve those in need, they also build community and foster relationships. As underserved people gather to receive groceries through one of our mobile food pantries, our volunteers and clients form friendships. The light of people-to-people connection has developed, and a prayer community has been sparked.


Through the Diocese’s Catholic Education ministries, we support the young Church of today as they are formed to become leaders in our faith, now and in the future. Through our Religious Education, Catholic Schools, Youth, Young Adult, and Campus ministries, we nurture faith enrichment and provide opportunities for nearly 20,000 young people to be Church in our Communities and to Shine the Light of Christ in all they do.

Many of our schools have prayer buddy programs. First and second grade students are partnered with 7th and 8th grade students. The relationship is one that is based in faith. Students build relationships that help them to know someone else is there to support them. Students connect spiritually and enjoy activities together – and the older kids practice being in a role model situation.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Religious Education, and our Catholic Schools provide our young people with opportunities for leadership, retreat experiences, faith enrichment and service opportunities.

Shining the Light of Christ, we strengthen our young Church of today and carry it forward.


As followers of Christ, we shine the light of the Lord on those around us through our words and actions. We are called to shine the light of Christ for all the world to see.
A special call to shine the light of Christ is through the work of our Office of Vocations. The Office of Vocations encourages, nurtures and guides individuals who will serve our communities as Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Deacons and Lay Ministers.

Supporting those called to religious life and caring for our seminarians is made possible by support from our Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal.

Nurturing vocations carries the light of Christ and our Church into the future.

APRIL 29–30, 2023


Gifts to the Appeal – You may make a gift in the form of a pledge
and receive a monthly reminder, or a one-time donation payable at the
donor’s discretion.

Online Bill Pay – If you utilize this electronic technique to pay bills, add
the Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal as a recurring payee.

Credit Card Payment Options – Payments can be automatically
charged to your Amex, Mastercard, Visa, or Discover credit card. To
initiate, complete the authorization section on your pledge form.

Gifts of Securities – The total market value becomes a tax-deductible
gift. Contact the diocesan Development Office for transfer instructions.
Individual Retirement Account Contribution – If you are 70½ or older,
consider providing your gift through your IRA. For more information,
visit https://cdow.giftlegacy.com or contact your tax advisor.

Matching Gifts – Many companies provide a matching gift program
for their current and retired employees to promote charitable giving.
Double the impact of your gift! Contact your Human Resources
Department to determine if a matching gift program is available.

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