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Bishop Malooly honors dozens from eight Catholic high schools in Diocese of Wilmington: Photo gallery

Bishop Malooly
Bishop Malooly presents Frederick Bradbury from Ss. Peter & Paul High School with the St. Francis deSales Award during the awards convocation at St. John the Beloved, Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Photo/Don Blake

Each year, Bishop Malooly recognizes 10 seniors from each of the eight Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Wilmington with the St. Francis de Sales Award. Honorees are selected for excellence in faith development, scholarship, service, leadership and citizenship.

The medal each student receives features St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of the diocese, on one side and the invocation, “St. Francis de Sales, pray for us,” on the other. Around the medal is the inscription, “Diocese of Wilmington — Outstanding Catholic School Senior.”

The students were honored May 15 at St. John the Beloved Church.

Archmere Academy: Isabella Angiullo, Seth Bale, Theresa Chua, Alexandra Ewing, Reid Hartman, Ryan Hodlofski, Bridget Lawler, Kyla McAvinue, Timothy Rogers and Matthew Specht.

Padua Academy: Elizabeth Bader, Rebecca Baker, Allison Dorsey, Lauren Gempp, Maureen Haffey, Rose Langrehr, Sarah Jane Mee, Lauren Mottel, Allison Stuebing and Stella White.

St. Mark’s High School: DeMara Arrington, Chase Blum, Emma Lank, Eric Ludman, Lindsay Oberhausen, Lance Ralston, Kacey Tramont, Michael Williams, Victoria Woehr and Kayla Wolff.

St. Thomas More Academy: Seonmi Choi, Vincent Dong, Zachary Mazuchowski, Jessica Zhang, Jessica Simmons, Logan Hughes, Carolina Temerario, Elise Sadlowski, Emily Marthaler and Arbee Catipay.

Ss. Peter and Paul High School: Frederick Bradbury, Jeremy Dickinson, Ryan Freeman, John Golladay, Kaely Rowland, Morgan Schisler, Lauryn Shortall, Sunrae Sturmer, Samuel Warpinski and Matthew Wetherbee.

St. Elizabeth High School: Chase Dunlap, Jillian Hendricks, Sean Holly, Ardavia Lee, Thomas Maddams, Brian Millard, Mary Nottingham, Miranda Schad, Carly Winnington and Ryan Woodham.

Salesianum School: Francis Barilo, Christopher Bond, Marcos Cotrotsios, Anthony Denney, Evan Fitzgerald, Michael Hayes, Jocob Ostroski, Joseph Ragan, Lucas Stulchik and Benjamin Williams.

Ursuline Academy: Natalie Baag, Eva Crisafulli, Annabel Gioffre, Abby Larmore, Jane Krukiel, Jane Lyons, Claire McFadden, Hanna Richman, Abby Rzucidlo and Shannon O’Doherty.


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