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  • A look back at 2017: Plans for ‘Rejoicing the Lord since 1868’

    A look back at 2017 shows promise for the church and its leaders and followers.


    Diocese of Wilmington leaders kicked off the year by reinforcing the message of encouragement for those led to a life of vocations.

    “We don’t create the call; God gives it to them,” said Father Norman Carroll, director of the Office of Priestly and Religious Vocations. The new societal expectation of varied careers throughout life has one exception, vocations; people are still called to marriage, called to religious life and called to priesthood, said Father Carroll, who is also pastor of St. Elizabeth’s Church in Wilmington.

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  • Stephen Hyde and family donate $1.5 million to St. Mark’s

    Stephen Hyde sees a bright future for St. Mark’s High School and he wants to help set the course for others to join in his optimism.

    “I’m very inspired by the direction St. Mark’s is heading and want to assist in that mission and that progress,” Hyde said.

    His inspiration has led Hyde and his family to make a $1.5 million donation to the high school. Hyde and Bishop W. Francis Malooly were set to announce the donation following a Mass at the Diocese of Wilmington school on Dec. 8. It was the largest donation in school history, said principal Richard A. Bayhan.

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