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Our Lenten Journey, Feb. 22, 2024


To help the faithful observe Lent in the Diocese of Wilmington, this year’s annual Our Lenten Journey offers our readers an opportunity to meditate on one thought from the Gospel for the day.

Check in with TheDialog.org each morning and take a moment to connect with the Word of God during this time of prayer and sacrifice.

Today’s readings can be found here: February 21, 2024.

Learn more about St. Peter, the rock upon which Jesus built his church, here: www.vaticancitytours.it/blog/who-is-st-peter/

Looking for more? Catholic Forum is featuring an interview with Oblate Father Sandy Pocetto this week. His new book can be found here: embracedbygod.org/product/a-lenten-journey-with-jesus-christ-and-saint-francis-de-sales/


Additionally, a special way to observe this solemn season is to participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation. Reconciliation Monday in the Diocese of Wilmington will take place March 25 at all 56 parish churches in the diocese. Watch thedialog.org for updates on this annual event.

“I ask you: have you ever thought that every time we go to the confessional, there is joy and celebration in heaven? Have you ever thought about that? It is beautiful … and fills us with great hope, because there is no sin to which we have stooped from which, by the grace of God, we cannot rise up again. There is no person who is beyond recovery, no-one is beyond recovery. Because God never ceases to want what is good for us, even when we sin!” — Pope Francis, Angelus, Sept. 11, 2016

For resources on how to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and a basic explanation of the Sacrament:


Resources for individuals wishing to receive the sacrament:


A step-by-step guide to Reconciliation from the USCCB:


This is also the year of Parish Revival in the National Eucharistic Revival in the Church. Read more about the role of the Eucharist in our lives in  “The Mystery of the Eucharist and the Call to Love and Transform.” Learn more about the Eucharistic Revival here: www.eucharisticrevival.org/