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Our Lenten Journey, March 27, 2024


Welcome to Our Lenten Journey for Wednesday, March 27. Easter is just a few days away, but we shouldn’t forget the solemnity of the Triduum. Take a moment to connect with the Word of God during this time of prayer and sacrifice and check out the full Gospel and readings here: March 27, 2024. Check in with TheDialog.org each morning for a new Gospel quote to take into your day.

Looking for Holy Week inspiration? Gretchen Crowe of OSV offers five tips for Holy Week in her column “Holy Week is a chance to refocus, reflect and renew as we wind down our Lenten journeys”.


March 25 was Reconciliation Monday. If you had the chance to participate in the sacrament on this special day, that’s wonderful. However, if your schedule didn’t allow time, no worries. Most, if not all, parishes in the Diocese of Wilmington have opportunities for Reconciliation during Holy Week.

For more information and to find a parish in the Diocese of Wilmington, go to www.cdow.org/about-the-diocese/mission-statistics-map/ and use the interactive map to guide you to a local parish.

In a 2021 column for the Denver Catholic Register, “A priests top five reasons for returning to confession,” Roxanne King shares Father Andreas Hoeck’s thoughts on coming back to the sacrament. His list includes peace and joy, Christ’s mercy and the idea that there is “no unforgivable sin.” It’s a short, but good read here.

• Click here for resources on how to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and a basic explanation of the Sacrament.

• Click here for resources for individuals wishing to receive the Sacrament.

• Click here for a valuable step-by-step guide to Reconciliation from the USCCB.

A priest hears confession from Pope Francis during a penitential liturgy in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican in this March 28, 2014, file photo. (CNS photo/L’Osservatore Romano via Reuters)

“I ask you: have you ever thought that every time we go to the confessional, there is joy and celebration in heaven? Have you ever thought about that? It is beautiful … and fills us with great hope, because there is no sin to which we have stooped from which, by the grace of God, we cannot rise up again. There is no person who is beyond recovery, no-one is beyond recovery. Because God never ceases to want what is good for us, even when we sin!”

— Pope Francis, Angelus, Sept. 11, 2016


This is also the year of Parish Revival in the National Eucharistic Revival in the Church. Read more about the role of the Eucharist in our lives in  “The Mystery of the Eucharist and the Call to Love and Transform.” Learn more about the Eucharistic Revival here: www.eucharisticrevival.org/