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Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Share in the Spirit’ in the Diocese of Wilmington

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What is Share in the Spirit and why is it important?

Share in the Spirit is an annual collection of the Diocese of Wilmington conducted at all Masses during the fourth weekend of September. Proceeds raised through this collection combined with the interest acquired from the diocese’s Vision for the Future Education Trust help open the doors of Catholic elementary and secondary schools to children whose parents struggle to afford the full cost of tuition. Tuition assistance isn’t a handout; it’s a helping hand. Every family who receives assistance is responsible for a portion of the cost of their child’s education

How significant is the need?

For the 2020-2021 school year, the diocese received applications representing nearly 1,000 students. FACTS, an independent agent that analyzes the financial need of each applicant, determined that more than $4 million would be required to fulfill the maximum need of every family who qualified for assistance. However, due to limited resources, financial assistance will be provided to only 318 students for a total distribution of $715,500 – an amount representing approximately 18 percent of the total calculated need of all applicants.

Is Catholic education worth the investment?

Catholic education can be accurately described in three words – faith, knowledge, and service, enabling students to actualize their full, individual potential both spiritually, and academically, while adhering to the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church. It is about teaching and supporting the whole self.   Confirmed by several national studies, benefits of Catholic education include: high academic achievement; a caring and challenging curriculum balanced with arts, music, and technology; development of leadership and moral values in serving others; and a total faith formation for students.  Every day in our Catholic schools, students enter a moral, nurturing, faith-filled environment where they receive a quality education from a highly professional and caring staff. Our Catholic schools are making a difference, challenging inquisitive young minds and giving them a greater appreciation for the values their parents hold most important.

How do I make my donation?

Use the special Share in the Spirit collection envelope found in your offertory envelope packet and place it in the collection basket the weekend of September 21-22. Or make a contribution by sending a check to: Share in the Spirit, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, P.O. Box 2030, Wilmington, DE 19899. The check should be made payable to Catholic Diocese of Wilmington.

Can I sponsor a child by providing tuition assistance?

Yes, the Diocese offers a sponsorship program. Please contact Deborah Fols, diocesan development director, at (302) 573-3121 or write her at dfols@cdow.org to find out how you can give a student the opportunity to receive an academically excellent education and instill Catholic values that will stay with them throughout their entire life.

I think this is a cause that deserves greater support. Can I make tuition assistance part of my estate planning?

Yes. Call Deborah Fols, diocesan development director, at (302) 573-3121 or write her at dfols@cdow.org.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?

Application packets are offered through your school’s administrative office and made available in December for the following year. For further information contact your school or the diocesan development Office at (302) 573-3121.

For more information about Share in the Spirit and How to Donate, go to www.cdow.org/sharespirit.html.