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‘My education has changed my life and prepared me for a bright future’ — Padua Academy’s Emery Gomez

Emery Gomez

By Emery Gomez
Padua Academy

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

As a blessed recipient of tuition assistance, I want to sincerely express my gratitude to all who so generously support Catholic education, and the Share in the Spirit campaign for tuition assistance. Like many families, the past few years have been difficult for my family and we have been going through a hard time. In fact, this past May, I was preparing myself to accept the reality that I would not be able to return for my senior year at Padua Academy. Even with my scholarship and the tuition assistance my family receives, we thought it would not be possible financially. And then two angels, in the form of Padua graduates, stepped in to help me.

These two women attended St. Peter Cathedral School and Padua Academy and wanted to contribute to a scholarship fund for a Catholic School student on the same path. Thanks to them, and the generosity of donors to the tuition assistance funds, I will be completing my education at Padua Academy.

My education has changed my life and prepared me for a bright future. I have been given both the challenge and the support needed to truly learn about myself, discover my talents, and grow my skills. Being able to take classes, such as Business, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing, has helped me determine what I want to pursue in college and beyond. I hope to someday be able to donate to Padua Academy and make another young woman’s education possible.

Attending a Catholic school is a gift. I will forever be grateful for the support of the many donors whose generosity has helped me, and other students in need, over the years. All donations, big and small, make a lasting impact. Your support of the Share in the Spirit campaign could make all the difference in a young person’s life and in all of our futures.

Yours in the Spirit,

Emery Gomez
Padua Academy Class of 2023