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‘Vision for the Future’ program allows you to sponsor a student in the Diocese of Wilmington


The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington believes that all children who desire to attend a Catholic school should be given the opportunity to do so, regardless of their family financial position. Unfortunately, each year, many children are unable to remain in our Catholic schools simply because tuition expenses have grown beyond their family’s reach.

The diocese has established a Vision for the Future Sponsorship Program that matches donors with students in need of tuition assistance. This program compliments the Share in the Spirit collection and the Diocese’s Vision for the Future Education Trust.

With an annual contribution of $2,000 or more, you can support an elementary school student in need. Your sponsorship will be designated to a K-8 student whose family, based on financial evaluation, qualifies for tuition assistance.

Your sponsorship is a very special way to provide an education focused on academic rigor and student achievement in an atmosphere of deep faith and spirituality. Your investment in Catholic education will make a difference in the life of a Catholic school student, their family and the community. Because, when you sponsor a Catholic school student, you are helping to instill in them self-discipline, personal integrity and moral values that prepare them to become leaders, committed to social responsibility and civic duty.

Everybody needs a little help sometime!