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Ursuline Academy honors six in school's Hall of Fame

Ursuline Academy honored six alums who were inducted March 11 into the 2018 Distinguished Alumnae Hall of Fame. The following women were recognized for their accomplishments in their careers, for continuing the tradition of excellence rooted in Ursuline’s motto Serviam, and for their positive impact on the community.

Distinguished Alumnae Hall of Fame inductees were honored March 11 at Ursuline Academy. Present for the event were, from left, Jane McConnell, sister of inductee, the late Robin Toner, inductees Mary McDonough, Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Valerie Biden-Owens, Megan Manlove-McGlinchey and Cdr. Kristie Robson. (Photo/Becca Neufeld)

Commissioner Mary McDonough ’71, Judicial Officer and Human Trafficking Court Program Founder.
Megan Manlove McGlinchey ’90, Executive Director, Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware.
Valerie Biden Owens ’63, Vice Chair of the Biden Institute of University of Delaware and Vice Chair of the Biden Foundation.
CDR Kristie Robson ’91, Director for Medical Services at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.
Robin Toner ’72, First Female National Political Correspondent of The New York Times.
Jessie Woolley-Wilson ’81, President and CEO of Dreambox Learning, Inc.

Commissioner Mary McDonough ’71 was presented the award by her daughter, who highlighted her commitment to helping less fortunate Delawareans and by serving on Delaware’s Human Trafficking Coordinating Council. After accepting the award, McDonough spoke about the influence Ursuline had on her desire to help the community, saying, “This school truly values service.”

Megan Manlove McGlinchey ’90 was presented the award by her daughter who spoke about her mother’s dedication to the community by leading the revitalization of Wilmington’s Riverfront and volunteering at various nonprofits. Manlove McGlinchey accepted the award and stated, “Living Ursuline’s Serviam model is something I truly treasure.”
Valerie Biden Owens ’63 was introduced by her daughter, who spoke about her role in becoming one of the first women to manage a presidential campaign. After accepting the award, Biden Owens wiped tears from her eyes and said, “Ursuline Academy is a living, breathing space of women leaders. These women leaders passed the batons to us and they gave us the confidence to become leaders ourselves.” As she stepped off the stage, she was surprised to see her brother, former Vice President Joe Biden, who greeted her with a hug.
Commander Kristie Robson ’91 was introduced by Ursuline teacher, Eileen Koenig, who explained Robson’s role in the Navy and her five deployments to countries including Iraq and Afghanistan. Robson began her acceptance speech by saying, “The last time I stood on this stage, I was running for Student Council President!” She thanked her friends and family, and stated, “Serviam is my ethos, my motto.”
In memory of Robin Toner ’72, her sister accepted her award for her posthumous induction into the Distinguished Alumnae Hall of Fame and spoke of her success. She reminisced Toner’s hard work and confidence and stated, “If you believe in yourself, you can become anything, including the first female National Political Correspondent of the New York Times!”
The final guest speaker was the sister of Jessie Woolley-Wilson ’81. She spoke about Woolley-Wilson’s mission to give children the high quality learning opportunities they deserve, regardless of who they are and where they live. After accepting the award, Woolley-Wilson reiterated her mission by stating, “At Ursuline, somebody saw my spark. Every child deserves to know that somebody sees their spark.”
After the ceremony, inductees took pictures together and were congratulated by the former vice president.