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Maryland state government prepared to make physician-assisted suicide legal

Annapolis skyline. Getty Images.

By Maryland Catholic Conference

Catholics in Maryland need to sound the alarm, alerting all who care about the preservation of life to step up and reach out to their state lawmakers, according to the Maryland Catholic Conference.

Tell government it can’t determine our death, say advocates of life preservation.

On March 21, a Maryland Senate committee will vote on physician-assisted suicide and the Catholic conference is sharing an action alert, encouraging people to send messages to key members of this committee.

Here is a link to speak out against physician assisted suicide in Maryland: https://ujoin.co/campaigns/615/actions/public/1553093632?action_id=648

Maryland’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will vote TOMORROW (March 21) on the bill that would legalize assisted suicide.

If this bill advances, assisted suicide could become a reality in Maryland.

Out-of-state interests have targeted Maryland for advancing their dangerous agenda of legalizing physician-assisted suicide with no regard for Marylanders who are terminally ill, elderly, living with a disability or a mental illness.

Proponents of this bill have said publicly that any amendments to that seek to protect the people of Maryland would be “excessive” and they want no changes — not even protections for those with mental illness.

Their agenda is clear: they want physician-assisted suicide legalized no matter who in Maryland it may harm.

Speak up. Tell Maryland’s Senators to reject assisted suicide and HB 399.