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Mount Aviat creampuffs demolished by thousands of hungry devotees, inspiring the return of Dashing Dialog Diner: Photo gallery

Cream-puff crew hard at work.

All it took was a whiff of fresh-baked creampuffs to get Dashing Dialog Diner out of slumber from a long winter’s nap and back on the trail to parish treats.

When last we heard from Triple D, he was poking around the Holy Cross Fish Fry, bouncing from the fried flounder to the stewed tomatoes to the stuffed mushrooms.

We were expecting his return for this year’s Fish Fry tour, but he showed up early, pouncing on some creampuffs before you had time to say “Bob’s your uncle” — to borrow a line from “101 Dalmations.”

First, a word from Charlene Nichols, one of our operatives who toils diligently for Mount Aviat Academy.

“We are happy to report another successful Cream Puff Day at Mount Aviat!” Charlene proclaimed excitedly.

“We have reached a new cream puff record with close to 6,600 cream puffs made since 9 p.m. (Thursday) night. The midnight crew makes the shells and once they are cool they can start filling the puffs with the homemade pudding. The event draws school families and community members but some people come as far as Virginia for a delicious cream puff. All orders are taken in advance for this once-a-year event due to the number of cream puffs that need to be made.”

And that’s without factoring in a famished Dashing Dialog Diner.

After he wiped the last of the powdered sugar from his chin, here’s what the Diner had to say.

“I never considered myself a ‘cream-puff person.’  I would always choose a donut, cupcake, slice of pie, canoli, eclair, even a muffin, over a cream puff; until today when I ate my first Mount Aviat cream puff. It is perfection sprinkled with powdered sugar. The flaky shell was flawless. The smooth, creamy filling was delectable. Pure heaven-on-earth! How can we talk the Oblate Sisters of Saint Francis de Sales and their helpers at Mount Aviat Academy in Childs, Md., into having their cream puff sale every week instead of once a year? Is it too early to submit my order for 2021?”

They may need to hire box truck.