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No Dialog print edition during coronovirus pandemic; web traffic at thedialog.org more than three times its previous high

No public Masses during the coronavirus pandemic at Holy Family in Newark or elsewhere in the Diocese of Wilmington. Dialog photo/Don Blake

As The Dialog experiences immense growth in online readership, officials at the Diocese of Wilmington plan for the print edition of the biweekly newspaper to return after the lifting of coronavirus-related restrictions and resumption of public Masses.

The newspaper’s website, thedialog.org, has more than tripled its typical online traffic during the time of coronavirus as almost all businesses have shut down, forcing many people to work from home and many businesses that include large groups to remain shuttered. In the last 30 days, the website has experienced more than 150,000 visitors. In a typical month, web visits before the breakout of the pandemic were 40-50,000 per month.

The Easter print edition of the Dialog scheduled to be distributed April 10 was not published. The biweekly Dialog missed its first print edition March 27 and no print edition will be published this week.

The diocese newspaper is primarily distributed at churches throughout Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Public Masses have been suspended indefinitely to try to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The Dialog website has also picked up the feed of livestreamed Masses produced by the diocese Office of Communications and shared the webcasts with its audience along with the diocese website, cdow.org.

Dialog staff can be reached primarily by email.

News, production and business questions can be directed to:

Joseph Owens at jowens@thedialog.org

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Any news items of interest can also be sent to news@thedialog.org.

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