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Miracle makers are not difficult to find in Catholic schools: Opinion

Bishop Malooly joins educators at Spirituality Day. Dialog photo/Mike Lang

One dictionary definition explains a miracle as “a highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.”
Some people await great miraculous events such as illnesses healed, families reunited, marriages restored, debts resolved, and other situations settled that may seem improbable to imagine.

Louis De Angelo
Louis De Angelo

While these miracles do happen, there are a number of other miracles that occur each day. These miracles are found in Catholic schools.
The 9,500 students returning to 36 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wilmington this year will focus on the theme “Believe and see the glory of God,” taken from the Gospel of Saint John (John 11:40). Each month they will come to better understand this theme as they examine one of the miracles found in Saint John’s Gospel. Each day they will be formed, informed, and transformed into students who believe, learn, serve, lead, and succeed.
Catholic schools are indeed miracle places. For it is in a Catholic school that parents can confidently entrust their three-year old to become an eighteen-year old ready to embrace her/his place in the community of believers and in the global society.
In the Diocese of Wilmington Catholic schools provide quality education, as evidenced by achievement results that rank student performance among the highest in the state and nation and acceptances and scholarships that place students in top tier colleges and universities. More importantly, these schools offer lasting formation in the Catholic faith built on message, community, worship, and service that will lead students to heaven. No other school but a Catholic school can make this promise. No other school but a Catholic school can give students and their families this miracle.
Despite the lack of state support through funding opportunities which are provided in neighboring states, Catholic school education thrives each day in the Diocese of Wilmington. Led by Bishop Malooly, whose commitment is evident by his presence at innumerable school events and annual visits to each school, parents, clergy, educators, alumni, benefactors, and parishioners give generously of their time, talent, and treasure to this important mission. As a result, Catholic school education succeeds as students grow in faith, knowledge, and service. Truly, Catholic schools are places where miracles happen.

Louis De Angelo is superintendent of schools for Diocese of Wilmington.