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Commitment Weekend on April 20-21 kicks off 2024 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal in Diocese of Wilmington


It’s Commitment Weekend April 20-21 in the Diocese of Wilmington for the 2024 Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal.

The focus this year in the diocese is invitation – and participation. The goal of the diocese Office of Development is to increase participation across our faith community, emphasizing that every act of giving, regardless of size, contributes to the collective mission, said Sheila O’Hagan McGirl, department director.

“We aim to inspire those who have generously given in the past to continue their valued support and extend a warm invitation to those who have not yet participated to join in this communal effort of faith and charity,” McGirl said in a letter to parishes.

“The essence of our appeal this year is not just about meeting financial goals but fostering a deeper sense of community and shared purpose,” she said. “We want to emphasize that participation at any level is invaluable. It’s the act of giving itself that strengthens our bond as a faith community and enables the good work of the Faith and Charity Catholic Appeal to flourish.”

“Every contribution, no matter the amount, helps to advance the vital ministries and programs that rely on our appeal. It is through our united efforts that we can truly embody the spirit of giving and make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.”