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WATCH: Bishop Malooly celebrates Christmas Eve Mass at Cathedral of St. Peter in Diocese of Wilmington — Photo gallery

Bishop Malooly at the Christmas Eve vigil Mass. Dialog photo/Don Blake

WILMINGTON — Bishop Malooly celebrated the Christmas Eve vigil Mass beginning at 2 p.m. at Cathedral of St. Peter in the Diocese of Wilmington.

The Mass was seen on livestream on the diocese YouTube channel. It can be watched on replay there.

“I wish all of you a blessed, safe, happy and joyful celebration,” Bishop Malooly said at the start of Christmas Eve vigil Mass.

“When you leave this Mass here, I ask you to take the light of Christ with you,” the bishop said in his homily. “Share the good news of that first Christmas.”

In his annual Christmas message, the bishop offered words of hope as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and head toward a new year.

“During Christmas and in the New Year; let us continue to pray for an end to this pandemic,” the bishop said. “Let us pray for those we have lost to the virus, and for their loved ones who mourn. Let us assist those who have lost their jobs and are in need, and pray for God’s blessing and protection for first responders and medical personnel. Until this pandemic is over, let us continue to love our neighbors by wearing our masks, social distancing, and helping others to stay healthy by our example.

“This Christmas, I pray that Our Lord will keep you and your family safe, and that 2021 will bring health, joy, light and hope to us all.

“Thank you, and have a blessed Christmas.”

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