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Italian Catholic priest Father Ramon Guidetti excommunicated for ‘schismatic’ homily

This screengrab shows Father Alessandro Minutella of Palermo, Italy, (left) and an undated photo of Father Ramon Guidetti of Livorno as they speak on the web radio program Radio Domina Nostra Jan. 2, 2024. Father Minutella was excommunicated in 2018 for spreading "heresy and schism" and Father Guidetti was excommunicated for a schismatic act Jan. 1, 2024. They both publicly hold that Pope Francis is an antipope and the late Pope Benedict XVI had continued to be the "true pope." (CNS screengrab/Radio Domina Nostra)

ROME  — An Italian Catholic priest has been excommunicated for having publicly committed “an act of a schismatic nature” while celebrating Mass at his parish near Livorno.

The priest, Father Ramon Guidetti, dedicated his homily Dec. 31 to marking the anniversary of the death of Pope Benedict XVI, whom he named as being “the true pope” who “never fled the barque of Peter.”

In his 20-minute homily, the 48-year-old priest detailed the qualities of “real priests” and cardinals versus those who side with “Bergoglio (Pope Francis) and his mercenaries.” He said the See of Peter is occupied by a “masonic Jesuit tied to a group of globalists, an antipope usurper.”

Bishop Simone Giusti of Livorno issued the decree declaring the priest’s excommunication Jan. 1 and posted it on the diocese’s website.

The bishop declared that Father Guidetti had incurred automatic excommunication, according to canon 1364.1 of the Code of Canon Law, dealing with offenses against the faith and the unity of the church.

The diocesan priest, who had been at the parish of St. Ranieri in the town of Guasticce since 2017, had “publicly committed an act of schismatic nature, refusing submission to the Supreme Pontiff and communion with the members of the church subject to him,” the communique said.

The priest, it said, was henceforth suspended “a divinis” and removed from his office at the parish. The censure means he cannot exercise any priestly functions.

The communique warned all priests and lay faithful to not take part in any celebrations or forms of worship with Father Guidetti as they, too, would incur automatic excommunication.

In his homily, Father Guidetti praised Father Alessandro Minutella of Palermo, calling him a “pioneer” in being faithful to Christ and willing to “die for the church.” Father Minutella was excommunicated in 2018 for spreading “heresy and schism” and continues to go on speaking tours and host a web radio program declaring Pope Francis an antipope.