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Too much bad news whirling around? God-given reason enables us to get through each day — Father Eugene Hemrick

Smoke rises above a plant run by Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in the southern port city of Mariupol, Ukraine, April 20, 2022. (CNS photo/Alexander Ermochenko, Reuters)

Are the daily news and events depressing you? Does your day start and end in gloom? If so, perhaps you need to examine your ability for maintaining a healthy spirit.

Our media’s a wonder and yet the toll it takes on our psyche is not so wonderful. As our stomach alerts us to indigestion, so too our mind is meant to notify us of “brain indigestion.” When our mind is overloaded, pernicious disorder disrupts our normality. Unquestionably, maintaining mental balance is the No. 1 postmodern challenge of our times.

Frequently I hear people say they no longer watch the news because it is too nerve-wracking. This leads us to ask, in our day and age, what means do we need for best achieving the peace of mind that we yearn for?

Each morning our parish Mass is attended by government staffers who spend a half hour in the church’s quiet setting. For many it is an opportunity to set the tone for the day. This time may include a simple prayer: “Lord the day is yours, take me where you wish.” Or it might be the thought: “What one virtue do I need to practice today better?”

Eugene Hemrick
Father Eugene Hemrick writes for Catholic News Service (CNS file photo/Bob Roller)

In this exercise, positioning our mind and body is imperative. We need to make time to subdue hurriedness, embrace contemplativeness and to focus.

When outstanding pro golfers compete, the routine of setting themselves is essential, consisting in quieting nerves, taking particular care of posture, and digging deep within. Despite the surrounding noisy crowds, the utmost concentration is crucial for winning. Many an awesome accomplishment is the result of being able to go within oneself.

Another effective exercise for setting an effective tone is reflecting on past accomplishments and then to contemplate a task for the present day.

Equally essential is evaluating what most takes control of our mind and envisioning achieving greater peace of mind.

There is no reason to be depressed or disillusioned by gloomy news and events if we employ our God-given reason to the best of our ability, enabling us to get through each day.