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Bishop-elect William Koenig tells students ‘a bishop helps teach people’ — Photo gallery

Bishop-elect William E. Koenig at Cathedral of St. Peter School. Dialog photo/Don Blake

Many of the 93 students at Cathedral of St. Peter School in Wilmington were eager and ready for a special visitor Friday morning.

Bishop-elect William E. Koenig joined Bishop Malooly, Father Joseph McQuaide and others in the time between an introductory news conference and a Mass in honor of the announcement of a new bishop from Pope Francis.

The bishop-elect talked with the students about their studies and asked them if they know what a bishop does.

“He’s a part of all the Catholic schools,” said one third-grader.

“Yes, and he helps teach people, that’s exactly what a bishop does,” Bishop-elect Koenig said. The students said they were familiar with Bishop Malooly. “I hope you will pray for me so that I can be as good a bishop as Bishop Malooly.”

The second-grade students in Dawn Gathercole’s class were studying coins. Bishop-elect Koenig pointed out a penny and its “In God we trust” inscription.

“God is our father,” he said. “He protects us and he loves us. It reminds me that it’s a little prayer whenever I see a penny.”

At the concelebrated Mass shortly after noon at the Cathedral, Bishop Malooly in his homily said he is happy “to welcome a new witness, new apostle who has done his ministry well.”

“Today he talked with young people and you could see him bring out in them what they are doing,” Bishop Malooly said.

“I think we’re going to find very easily, as the Gospel tells us, our hearts will not be troubled. We will have a leader who will do as Jesus did with his apostles.”

“I’ve enjoyed my tour,” Bishop Malooly said to the bishop-elect, “and I look forward to yours.”