Home Education and Careers Mount Aviat Academy will establish beehive on campus: Photo gallery

Mount Aviat Academy will establish beehive on campus: Photo gallery

Mount Aviat Academy is establishing a beehive on campus that will serve as an educational resource for students. A local beekeeper is helping with the effort. Submitted photo

CHILDS, Md. — Mount Aviat Academy in Childs, Md., is launching a bee education program, establishing a colony of bees with the arrival of spring. The announcement was made by Oblate of St. Francis de Sales Sister John Elizabeth Callaghan, the principal, in a letter to school families.

Sister John Elizabeth noted that visitors were able to see the indoor observation hive during a recent open house. School officials recognized “the educational value of allowing students to watch these amazing insects at work.” An experienced beekeeper has offered to install the bees and will serve as the “bee mentor,” she added.

Honey bees are considered hive protectors, Sister John Elizabeth wrote, unlike wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, which can sting repeatedly and tend to be much more aggressive. Students will not work with bees outside the observation hive.

Teachers will develop instructional activities so students can learn about the critical role of bees in the pollination needed for fruits, vegetables and nuts. A Bee Club will be established. Family members with experience in beekeeping are invited to participate.

The learning space will be named after Harry Hammond, a longtime supporter of Mount Aviat Academy.

In addition to the school program, the Oblate Sisters are making a commitment to support the bee population in the Childs area. Under the management of a local beekeeper, the sisters will sponsor a beehive that will be placed on the other side of Childs Road, along the edge of the cemetery. Students will not have access to this area but will learn about the process of local honey production.

Photos submitted by Mount Aviat Academy.