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Pro-life set of stations of the cross part of Good Friday service with Bishop Malooly

Bishop Malooly conducts stations of the cross at Cathedral cemetery on Good Friday. Dialog photo/Don Blake

A new, pro-life set of stations of the cross was part of the Good Friday service at Cathedral Cemetery led by Bishop Malooly.

A group of people gather at Cathedral Cemetery for stations of the cross on Good Friday with Bishop Malooly.
Dialog photo/Don Blake

“We decided to incorporate it into the regular stations,” said Mark Christian, executive director of Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Wilmington.

“I think most people appreciated the focus, especially given all the recent attempts to legalize partial birth abortions.”

Stations of the Cross have been held on Good Friday at Cathedral Cemetery for the last 24 years.

Cathedral Cemetery is part of Catholic Cemeteries Inc., a non-profit corporation, founded in 1881. The organization owns and operates Gate of Heaven, All Saints Cemetery and Cathedral Cemetery.

Stations of the Cross, also known as Way of the Cross or Via Crucis, is a devotion commemorating the passion and death of Christ consisting of a series of meditations or stations. The practice can be traced to early Christian pilgrims who would visit the locations of Christ’s suffering and death in Jerusalem.