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Living Our Faith: Sacrament Series – Matrimony

Christian marriage takes the human dimensions of attraction, emotion, friendship and sacrificial service spoken by the couple in their daily life

A Vietnamese bride pushes her groom during a photo shoot for their wedding near Hoi An Dec. 11, 2016. As husband and wife share the common purpose of loving and serving God, they are united in a unique way, finding in each other a call to embody Christ’s sacrificial love as they pursue holiness in their marriage and thus their lives together. (CNS photo/Reuters)

together and makes them a language that communicates the nuptial love of Christ for the church.

Marriage points us to the best kind of friendship: a friendship that is based on shared sacrifice and helping each other become more holy and virtuous.
The marriage relationship can be a source of great joy and comfort, but it also entails difficulty and sacrifice, just as does Christian life more generally.